By Taryn Booth – @tarynboothaut

No work day is the same for Kaitaia’s “local friendly florist”, and that is just the way she likes it.

Whether it be putting together wreaths for ceremonies, buttonholes and corsages for school balls or ‘congratulations’ bouquets for pregnancies or graduations, she does them all.


Alternatively, some days she may be arranging for a local wedding or funeral. This is something that Nicola Walters, owner of Fresh Flowers Kaitaia, thoroughly enjoys.


Mrs. Walters, 35, has just moved her formerly home-run business to Matthews Ave, something that she never thought would happen. Although some may believe there is not much to a florist’s lifestyle, she is a suitable example of diversity and enjoyment in a career.


Being a florist for weddings is an opportunity that Mrs. Walters will never turn down. Having gotten married not that long ago herself, she knows how stressful, as well as enjoyable, the entire experience can be.

Fresh Flowers 11

Her goal for weddings is to “make it an easy as possible process for the bride”, and that she does.


To get a visual of exactly what her clients want, she makes a Pinterest board with them. This makes it easier for her to meet her clients’ needs so she can achieve ultimate customer satisfaction.


Mrs. Walters’ talent doesn’t stop at floristry either, she also offers to her wedding clients a décor/styling service. If accepted, she’ll create signage, table centrepieces and décor throughout the venue that is appropriate to the client’s taste.


Seeing it all come together is the ultimate reward for Mrs. Walters, stating that the result is “so satisfying”.

Fresh Flowers 13

As much as she enjoys weddings, Mrs. Walters expresses that she also enjoys funerals, adding with a laugh “I know that sounds morbid”. She feels as though there is something special in being hired for such an important event.


“It’s an honour”, she explains, to be able to create bouquets for the final goodbye.

Fresh Flowers 14

If the deceased were a keen gardener, she will offer to use flowers from their garden and include them in the flower pieces she creates. Her motive is to make it as meaningful as possible for the family.


You do not get to be a part of someone’s final farewell in most careers, and Mrs. Walters describes it as “a real privilege”.


Mrs. Walters also loves being involved with her community. Regulars of her business have become more than just customers, they’ve become friends and acquaintances. She loves this aspect of it as it means she can personalise all the bouquets that she creates.


Delivering uniqueness in every bouquet is important to Mrs. Walters, as she aims to make her customers feel special. Seeing customers smile “mile-wide” when she personally delivers is the highlight of doing what she does, saying that, “there’s no feeling like it”.


Mrs. Walters likes to be known as “your local friendly florist” in the small community of Kaitaia.


Born and bred in Taranaki, Mrs. Walters says she developed her passion for flowers amidst her mum’s garden as a young girl around the age of 12.


She originally started her career in the culinary arts and travelled the world with it. This was until she met her now-husband in France and decided to come back to the Far North of New Zealand to settle.


After the arrival of their new son, an opportunity was produced to Mrs. Walters, in August 2015, to take over a local floristry business.

Fresh Flowers 23

Hesitance was not amiss when she was presented this opportunity, as she contemplated the difficulty of running a business from home with a seven-month-old newborn in tow.


In the end, she let her passion for floristry come through and accepted the offer. Looking back to when Mrs. Walters decided to pursue her passion, she describes it as “the best thing I’ve ever done”.


Mrs. Walters describes herself as honest, reliable, passionate and family orientated. It is also evident that she is modest too, as she struggled to name her good traits, concluding with “I just am who I am, what you see is what you get”.


Ideally, she wants her business to be all about supreme service and quality, fresh product. She hopes that her customers see Fresh Flowers as a friendly, affordable, approachable and flexible.


Customers mutually agree on social media that Mrs. Walters is amazing at what she does. She has all intentions to continue delivering to her community and growing Fresh Flowers to be a business that anyone and everyone can rely on for fantastic service.



If you want to see more of Nicola’s work, feel free to check out her Facebook page or to see her available services head on over to her website!


Interviewee Contact:

Nicola Walters – (09) 408 1678 or 021 161 0897


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